There might be no better time in history to catch comedian Dave Fulton live, after swiping Donald Trump.


This razor sharp American raconteur arrives at The Laughter Factory on the very same day his home country elected the abominable Donald Trump as President. And this grizzly, outspoken comic is far from happy about it.

Ahead of dates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha throughout November, we took five with a true stand-up survivor.

What’s the best and worst thing about gigging in the Gulf?
Best? The food. Loving the local eats. Worst? After awhile the air-con messes with my sinuses.

When, and why, did you become David, rather than Dave? It confuses my Google.
I’m only David to the police and my website, www.davidfulton.com, which I can’t seem to maintain. Otherwise I’m Dave.

But that’s exactly what makes you hard to find… anyway, you’re renowned for having some close encounters with the afterlife. How many times have you dodged death?
That I know of? Four times.

The meat of the matter. As an American living abroad, how offended (and confused) are you by the Rise of Trump?
Watching all this from outside of America is like being in the stands watching a demolition derby, and yelling at the lead car that they’re about to crash into a wall, and the driver of that car is waving me off and assuring me that there is no wall and they no what they’re doing.
Who’s to blame? Ultimately it’s the Republican party’s fault for getting in bed with the Tea Party idiots and hypocrites.

What was the worst review you ever received, and what did it say?
[The now-defunct] News of the World: “Irritating even when funny”.

Sounds like a humble-brag to me. Now, you once warmed up for Michael McIntyre…
Never warmed up for Michael McIntyre. We’ve both done gigs in the past where we were on the same bill and that’s about it. I’m pretty sure he would never have me do his warm up as he doesn’t like me much.

Ouch. How different are the two of you, as comedians, and as men?
He’s a good comic who has broad appeal and as a result he’s not hurting for a nice meal, where as I sometimes make people hate themselves for laughing at me and tend to look out for free buffets.

Do you regret swearing (unknowingly) on national UK breakfast TV? I mean, more people heard about you as a result…
Nope. I was going to say ********!

Why exactly should everybody under the sun come out to see you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha?
It’s a great bill with excellent comics – Alistair Barrie and Mick Ferry. And they should catch the show because there’s not much good on Netflix right now.

Anything else to tell The Laughter Factory’s loyal fans?
Please continue to be loyal fans, and Gail and Duncan will keep bringing you the comics that will soon not be able to tour Europe #brexit.


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