Free stand-up comedy for pregnant women at The Laughter Factory

Long-running stand-up night offers complimentary comedy to expecting mothers to mark International Women’s Day

UAE comedy institution The Laughter Factory is offering pregnant women an evening of free laughs – because happy mums, make happy babies.

Research has proved that a child’s personality can be shaped by the health and mood of the mother. Laughing, meanwhile, does a world of good, flooding the body with ‘happy chemicals’ that can be detected up to 24 hours later.

Which is why throughout March, The Laughter Factory is opening its doors for free to pregnant women.

Timed to mark International Women’s Day, which takes place March 8,


Introducing the Comics :


Eleanor Tiernan

‘I don’t normally like female comedians but you were funny’. Is often said to Eleanor Tiernan.

Her reply goes something like, ‘ OK, not strictly speaking a question but something that gets said to me and others after shows and seems to expect some kind of a response. In truth, this statement has very little to do with me or any comedian it gets said to. The person is holding you responsible for causing a fight in their brain. Two conflicting pieces of information are battling for supremacy. The first statement or rule was pre-existing ie “All female comedians are not funny”. The second is the evidence the comedian’s hilarious performance has provided (“A woman was funny”) which is in direct competition with the first. Both of these statements cannot be true. One has to go and the person must choose which. The discomfort of having to make this choice is what is being communicated to you. Obviously you can do nothing for them. There is a price to be paid for leading an unenlightened life. Any response to their statement would only interrupt them from paying it.

However sometimes, for mischief, I do try to convince them that either I am not female or that I wasn’t funny.’

Eleanor Tiernan is an Irish comedian and was featured on Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central and has played Latitude, Glastonbury, Montreal Just For Laughs and all of the top Irish comedy festivals.


Marlon Davis

Lightening the load will be happy go lucky comedian Marlon Davis (Live At the Apollo, Comedy Central), who embraces his work with energy and charm, delivering his material with skillful observations.  Marlon is an absolute delight to watch particularly in a live venue, where we can really soak up all his wonderful, positive vibes.


Michael Fabbri

Mickey Flannagan loved Michael Fabbri so much, he took him on tour with him. Despite being a completely different style to Mickey, Michael Fabbri still drives home the same number for laughs per minute as any huge name comic.  Michael, Fabbri was described as “Exceptionally funny, extremely sharp, hugely enjoyable.” by The Scotsman.

We are looking forward to his return to The Laughter Factory he always gives us a great show.


Where and When :

Wednesday March 7th  – Park Rotana AUH show starts 8pm

Thursday March 8th – Grand Millennium Barsha Heights, Dubai show starts 9pm

Friday March 9th – Moevenpick JBR, Dubai show starts 9pm



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Eleanor Tiernan

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Marlon Davies

Facebook: Marlon Davis

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Michael Fabbri


Twitter : https://twitter.com/MichaelSFabbri

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Michael-Fabbri-38799171644/



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