This month we’re thrilled to welcome a return visit from Funmbi Omotayo, one of the warmest, wittiest rising stars on the UK comedy scene.

Winner of the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year competition in 2012, Funmbi was launched onto the national consciousness soon after with a slot on the primetime John Bishop Show.

You might also recognise Funmbi from I’m a I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here NOW!, where the comedian starred onscreen alongside Joe Swash.

In 2015 Funmbi made a critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe debut with the solo show Legal Immigrant, which told how his family followed their roots, moving from from Hackney to Lagos… and back again.

To help you get better acquainted, we played a quick game with either/or with Funmbi….

Dubai or Doha?
Dubai – but only because I haven’t been to Doha yet…

Truth or dare?
I’m going to say truth, as I like to talk, and dares require activity.

Money or fame?
I’ll take a quote from my favourite rapper: “all I want is money, forget the fame I’m a simple man” – so yeah, money. (That’s 2Pac folks).

Breakfast buffet or evening brunch?
Breakfast buffet – I love a good fry up.

Introvert or extrovert?
Definitely an extrovert.

Jazz or hip-hop?
Hip-hop all day, I love jazz but I was raised on rap music.

TV special or sell out theatre tour?
Sell out theatre tour – nothing beats live comedy.

Gym or pub?
This is a tricky one, I never really got into the pub culture and I’m not one for gyms. However most pubs serve food, so that’ll sway it!

Joe Swash or John Bishop?
Massive respect for both these guys. I’m going to go with Joe Swash as he was my partner in our Men In Black parody on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Now!.

London or Lagos?
Both cities have special places in my heart, I can’t separate the two. Although Lagos has sunshine…

Asking questions or answering questions? We’re hoping it’s the later…
Answering questions. As I said, I’m a talker!

Funmbi Omotayo is on tour with The Laughter Factory throughout February in Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi – click here for the full details.


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