It took Gail Clough more than ten years to book Angelo Tsarouchas for a return tour of the GCC. Here The Laughter Factory co-founder tells us why it was worth the wait…

Anyone who knows me on a personal level, will be fully aware that I love big men.

I always tell my friends”‘if I am going to have the hassle, I at least want a full portion”. However, hassle is the last thing Angelo Tsarouchas is going to be to anyone.

This big teddy bear of a man makes the whole room feel safe and happy. Watching his show is like being with a bunch of toddlers on a bouncy castle.

He always gets cast as a gangster in Hollywood. It’s difficult to take that role seriously, when he is so hilarious as a stand up. I end up watching him in Mad Men and laughing in the wrong places.

Dubai is so full of beautiful, skinny people, it will be a breath of fresh air to have Angelo back in our lives after 12 years.

We hope lots of people will attend, as we need the cash to feed him all week. The cost of food in Dubai has really gone up in price since he last came.

He’s well worth the extra chips.


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