It is a brave comedian who opens up the floor to questions from the audience – but this is exactly what Jason Manford did, for his entire set, at The Laughter Factory’s sell-out summer special. We’re simply not sure the chatty chappy was ready for the barrage of silliness he was dealt from this lovably Dubai crowd.

If you were there, then we don’t need to tell you what a rollicking night of laughs we had. And if you weren’t, we’re just sorry you missed out.

To mark the memory, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite questions you lot put to Manford – some clever, some silly, some just weird – as well as his replies… well, the ones we can repeat, anyway. Manford came, saw and conquered – but Dubai didn’t let him go without a fight.


Q: What’s the biggest difference between Manchester and Dubai? (from Twiggy)
A: Everybody here has got a job.


Q: Did you eat Michael Owen?
A: I’ve got a lot of fat jokes. You know when you get out of breath from eating your dinner?


Q: Are you tired after your holidays? (from Terry the scouser)
A: Yes, I’ve got five kids!


Q: Do you believe in aliens?
A: Something about Dudley. Again.


Q: Brexit – discuss (from Ben)
A: I’ll be skipping that one.


Q: Will you marry me? You can live in Dubai on my Visa… (we’ve protected the source’s identity for legal reasons)
A: No. Thanks…


Q: How upset are you about Joe Hart? [being left out of the Man City first team, we think…] (from Ash)
A: Not very, he’s on £200,000 a week!


Q: Do you regret wearing crocs on your holiday? (from a very proud “Jez Doncaster from Doncaster”).
A: The holes are where your dignity leaves your body.


Q: How much quote-un-quote “guidance” did you get from the authorities?
A: Absolutely none. Did you hear that? That was the sound of the organiser having a fit in the back.


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