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Christian Schulte Loh

Christian Schulte-Loh (“The German Comedian”)

Yes, you read that right – Christian Schulte-Loh is a stand-up comedian. From Germany. This fact alone is so novel – he believes at least – that Christian goes by the nickname The German Comedian. His website? Twitter? @GermanComedian. No joke. Belgium’s improbably named Kunst magazine declared Christian “a funny German – the only one!”. And they should know – a quarter of Belgians speak German, after all. Used to striking surprise into the heart of comedy fans everywhere when he reveals his nationality and profession in the same sentence, the novelty of Christian’s position has been explored and exploited in a series of hit Edinburgh Fringe solo shows: Stop Laughing, I Am German! (2009), I Am German, I Should Not Be Here! (2010), German Comedian (2012), Attack of the 50 Foot German Comedian (2013) and Return of the 50 Foot German Comedian. Reviewing Christian at The Fringe, the stuffy Spectator magazine called him “one of the most subversive acts ever”. As well as these hit English-language shows, Christian performs sets in Spanish and his native tongue. He has toured in more than 20 countries and become something of TV cultural ambassador for comedy in his homeland. How many times have you heard a stumbling comic ask a crowd “any Germans in the house?”, only to point to the ensuing silence for a quick, cheap, set-saving laugh? Well, scoff no longer – this is one German we guarantee will make you snigger.


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