As our December tour kicks off, we took five with outspoken Aussie comic Wayne Deakin…

Hi Wayne – now, you’ve got a reputation for being a little, ahem, controversial. Why is this? Agree?

Because I talk about what I think is funny. Funny isn’t always nice. But it’s funny.

So – do you really love Rupert Murdoch? How much of it is all an act?

We all love Uncle Rupie! Anyone who gets up the Poms nose is a national hero in Australia. Chicks dig him.

What about your famous “Prince Philip for PM” t-shirts? Really such a good idea?

Post Brexit, Britain needs someone to sort stuff out. Who is better at tough love than Prince Philip? Nobody, that’s who.

Who are your comedy heroes?

Ian Bagg, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor.

What’s the best and worst things about gigging in the Gulf?

Best – the hotels. Worst – checking into and out of hotels.

If you never became a stand-up comic, what would you be doing today?

Lying in a non-professional capacity.

Any message for your Aussie expat fans?

I’m on with a whinging Pom (Ian Stone) and a lightweight Irishman (Jarlath Regan). Come and watch an Australian do all the heavy lifting.


Monday, December 5 – Grand Hyatt, Doha (8pm)
Tuesday, December 6 – Grand Hyatt, Doha (8pm)
Wednesday, December 7 – McGettigan’s JLT (The Baggot), Dubai (8pm)
Thursday, December 8 – Grand Millennium, TECOM, Dubai (9pm)
Friday, December 9 – Moevenpick, JBR (9pm)
Tickets AED140.


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