NZ Comedy Guild Best International Act nominee 2015

Amused Moose Best Edinburgh Show nominee 2015

Markus Birdman is one of British comedy’s most experienced and well-travelled performers. In demand all over the UK and abroad, Markus is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe with 11 solo shows to his credit and headliner status at all the top clubs, including The Comedy Store, The Komedia, Hot Water, The Stand and Soho Theatre. He’s performed at the Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth Comedy Festivals and was nominated by the New Zealand Comedy Guild for Best International Guest. His international gig list includes Pakistan, Singapore, China, UAE,  Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland and India to name a few. Which has been nice, considering no-one’s now going anywhere.

He had his own Netflix Stand Up Special, ‘Live in Amsterdam’ & was also co-writer on Jayde Adams’s Amazon Prime Stand Up Special, ‘Serious Black Jumper’



One of the shining lights of the UK and international comedy circuits


“Delightfully comic. Controversial, personal and wickedly punchy.” The List

“Engagingly mixes the silly and the downright wrong.” Chortle

“A consummate comic…. energetic, engaging, thought-provoking and funny.”  The Stage

“Birdman’s Fringe show is a triumph. He isn’t afraid to push the limits of what society deems appropriate.” The Edinburgh Reporter



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajdllv3k3T0  –




An experienced and versatile comedian, Markus is one of stand-up’s most well travelled comedians, much in demand in the UK and all over the world.


Amused Moose Award Nominee – Best Show, Edinburgh Fringe ‘15

NZ Comedy Guild Award Nominee for Best International Artist ‘14

Time Out London – Top Ten Comedians ‘13

Netflix Special- Live from Amsterdam


“Birdman is the all-round package; witty, controversial, hip, topical and silly. A master of timing and physical comedy, he made me laugh so hard it hurt”



“Energetic, engaging… thought-provoking and funny”

The Stage


Praise for his Edinburgh Festival solo shows

“Probably the most absorbing show I’ve seen. Completely spell-binding”



“Birdman’s Fringe show is a triumph. He isn’t afraid to push the limits of what society deems appropriate. He has created an hour of thought-provoking, hilarious stand-up

*****Edinburgh Reporter


“Delightfully comic… topical, controversial and personal”

****The List


“Absorbing, intelligent and funny”



Comedy (UK)

Gigs for: Soho Theatre, The Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Highlight, Off the Kerb, Avalon, Last Laugh, The Stand, Laughterhouse, Comedy Company, Comedy Box, Up the Creek, Screaming Blue Murder, Just the Tonic and many others.


Comedy (International)

Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Ireland and Spain.


Edinburgh Festival

Grimm Realities                                              PBH Free Fringe                                             2015

2B or Not to Be                                               The Stand Comedy Club                                2014

Happily Ever After (solo show)                     The Stand Comedy Club                                2013
Love, Life & Death (solo show)                     The Stand Comedy Club                                2012

Dreaming (solo show)                                    The Stand Comedy Club                                2011

Sympathy for the Devil (solo show)               Pleasance                                            2008
Son of a Preacher Man (solo show)                Pleasance                                            2007

One Step Beyond (solo show)                        Pod Deco                                            2004

Comedy Zone (showcase show)                     Pleasance                                            2002

Imperfect (with Francesca Martinez) Pleasance                                             2002

International Festivals

Melbourne International Comedy Festival     Faustus                                                            2016

Perth Fringe World                             Grimm Realities                                              2016

New Zealand Comedy Festival                       Grimm Realities                                              2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival     Grimm Realities                                              2015

New Zealand Comedy Festival                       Happily Ever After                                         2014

New Zealand Comedy Festival                       Love, Life & Death    (solo show)                2013

Sydney Comedy Festival                                Best of British                                     2012

Adelaide Festival                                            Love, Hate, Life, Death (solo show)              2012

Adelaide Festival                                            Dreaming (solo show)                        2012

Melbourne International Comedy Festival     I’mPerfect (with Francesca Martinez)            2003


The Convoy- New Zealand                                                                                        2014

Best of British – New Zealand                                                                                    2013

Paul Sinha and Markus Birdman – On the Road                                                        2009

Avalon Network – Headline                                                                                        2003

Francesca Martinez – National Tour (support)                                                                       2002/2003

Andy Zaltzman – Avalon Network (support)                                                             2002

Noel Fielding – Avalon Network (support)                                                                2001


BBC Radio 4 – Son of a Preacher Man                                                                      2007

BBC Radio 4 – 28 Acts in 28 Minutes                                                                       2006

BBC Radio 4 – Loose Ends                                                                                        2004

BBC Radio 5 Live – Gaby Logan Show                                                                    2008

BBC Radio 5 Live – Stephen Nolan Show                                                                2007

BBC Radio 7 – Spanking New                                                                                   2004

BBC World Service                                                                                        2012

BBC Radio Scotland – Fred MacAulay Show                                                                       2012

BBC Radio Wales – Jest a Minute                                                                             2008

Talksport – Hawksbee & Jacobs                                                                                2007


NETFLIX- Live at Toomler Amsterdam       Netflix                                                 2012

TV One (New Zealand)                                  Best Bits                                                          2015

TV3 (New Zealand)                            The Comedy Gala                                           2013

TV One (New Zealand)                                  Good Morning                                    2013/14

BBC1                                                  Heaven & Earth                                              2007

BBC3                                                  How Not to Live Your Life – Series 1                        2008

BBC3                                                  Most Annoying Songs We Hate to Love        2007

BBC3                                                  BBC New Comedy Awards                            2001

ITV1                                                   Blank Screen (voiceover)                                2004

ITV4                                                   And Another Thing                             2006

Channel 4                                            4thought                                              2012
Paramount (Comedy Central)             World Stands Up                                            2008

Paramount (Comedy Central)                         Live at the Comedy Store                              2005

Kanal 5 (Sweden)                                           Raw Comedy Club                                         2009

Vara (The Netherlands)                                  Comedytrain International                              2007

Loaded TV                                          Jongleurs Live                                     2012


Comedy Competitions

Lewisham Comedy Festival                           Open Mic                                            Winner

BBC                                                    New Comedy Awards                        Finalist

Daily Telegraph                                              Open Mic                                            Finalist

Leicester Comedy Festival                             New Act of the Year                           Finalist



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INSTA- @markusbirdman @markusbirdman_artworks

twitter @birdmanwatching

clip: https://youtu.be/nvKU60h6l-8



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