Rob Ryan


Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan, like many comedy greats, hails from Long Island, NY and has taken New York City by storm. After graduating valedictorian from Stony Brook University Rob immediately threw out his degree and relentlessly pursued stand-up comedy.

Winner of the “Boston Comedy Festival”, Winner of the “Last Comix Standing” competition, and Finalist in “Caroline’s March Madness” Rob Ryan has proven to at least be funnier than his peers in competitions.

He’s performed on “Laughs” on FOX and “Gotham Comedy Live” on AXS TV. His debut album “Non-Alcoholic” has received rave reviews and is available on streaming services right now as you read.

Audiences love that Rob not only shares the thoughts parading through his mind but he shows them, with vivid characters and spot on delivery. Rob’s intelligent witticisms combined with his infectious story telling make his shows not only entertaining but unforgettable. To tell you any more though would be giving it away.


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